A Book for Parents
  The Dashiell Diary: Life Before School is the first of three books
based on a daily diary I kept of my son's life for twelve years. It's a book
for people who love children and think of parenting as the best and
biggest adventure that anyone can have. It starts with my discovery that
Dashiell is lactose-intolerant. I had been spending "half an hour each
day sterilizing bottles just to poison him with the milk I put in those
bottles. This is not a good thought when you haven’t slept in seven

But parenting is not always a work in progress. Sometimes things go
exactly right. His fourth birthday was like that. For dessert, he had "ten
cookies made in heaven. (They were called macarons, as we found out
on a later trip.) He went for the cookies like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. But
before he did that, we all sang 'Happy Birthday' in both French and
English and this, I think, was Dash’s moment of moments, the place
where the dots connected. He was in Paris, he was on the Eiffel Tower,
he was turning four, the people he knew best and who loved him the
most were singing for him, and the next course was the most delicious
dessert he had ever had in his life. How could you possibly top that?"
And of course, in between the milk and the macarons, there were four
years of serious living.

I include the book here because when Dashiell was seven, I took him
out of school and home schooled him for five years.  A great many of
the ideas I have about home schooling come from that time.  And home
schooling was the best thing I could ever have done for him.  And for me.

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