The Fairy Tale Grammar Book will teach you
everything you need to know about grammar in
about a month.  The lessons are short and to the
point, but expertly explained.  The examples and
exercises are taken from fairy tales rewritten by
the author, which actually makes grammar fun to
learn.  In the book grammar is simple, systematic
and easy.  
The Fairy Tale Grammar Book is the
standard against which other grammar books will
be measured for years to come.  

Price: $9.95.
The great beauty of Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy
Book, originally published in 1889, is that it
brought together many different fairy tale
traditions.  There are stories written by Charles
Perrault and Mme d’Aulnoy, collected by the
Grimm brothers and Asbjornsen and Moe, and
translated from the Arabian Nights.  It is a very
rich collection of fairy tales.

However, the stories are written in a language that
is outdated and in places inaccessible to modern
American children (and even their parents).   To
remedy this problem, I have thoroughly edited
some of the stories contained in Lang`s book,
keeping the stories as intact as possible, while
revising every sentence so the stories can once
again be read with pleasure by children.

Price: $16.95.  This book is also available in three
separate volumes of $6.95 each.  See below.
This is a picture book for young children.  In it,
Harris goes to Paris, but never gets out of the
Luxembourg Gardens, which is undoubtedly
why he likes Paris so much.

Price: $8.99.
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